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In the event of a conflict

You sever business relations with a partner, payment problems arise with a customer or supplier, you are unable to agree with members of your family on the division of an estate, or clauses in a commercial lease are causing problems between tenant and owner.

Despite your best efforts, you cannot resolve a dispute or come to an agreement with a partner, supplier, customer, family member or neighbour. If your objective is to reach a mutually agreable solution negociated by yourselves, why not call on the mediation services offered by your notary ?

Civil and commercial mediation

By acting as mediators who facilitate the negociation process and help you work out your own solutions, many notaries can offer you a different way of reaching an agreement.

Mediation is a mean for resolving conflicts which may make it possible to settle your problems without having to go to court.

When should mediation be considered?

Whether you have rights to protect or a civil or commercial claim to pursue, you can turn to mediation for all types of disputes: to settle business or working relations, or relations with neighbours with regard to property, for example, or even for consumer problems.

What is mediation ?

Mediation is a voluntary and cooperative process requiring goodwill on the part of the conflicting parties. Thus, both parties must agree to mediation and seek to reach a workable agreement to settle their dispute to their mutual satisfaction.

Mediation is a fexible process in which the mediator helps the parties drawn up the rules for the proceedings and decide how the mediation sessions will be conducted. In this way, the parties remain in control of the process and the result, since the mediation process is designated specifically to meet their needs and allows them to reach a solution acceptable to them.

Over and above conflict resolution, mediation aims to re-establish communication and relations between the parties and thereby prevent and future conflicts.

Mediation is conducted in private, in confidence, in a less formal setting conductive to open and frank communication.

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