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All types of leases. Bulk sales. Registration of commercial trade names. All types of securities, against moveables or immoveable assets. Pledge. General assignment of the book debts. Trust Deed. Subrogation. Transfer of property in stock. Bankruptcy. Incorporation. Arbitration in commercial and corporate matters, more particularly, accredited arbitrator and mediator in litigation between franchisers and franchisees through QNICAC (Quebec National and International Commercial Arbitration Center). Accredited arbitrator for CAMVAP (Canadian motor vehicule arbitration plan). Accredited mediator concerning the attribution of accumulated surpluses in registered pension funds through QNICAC.


Last Will and Testament. Probate of an holograph Will or of a Will made in the English form, after death. Declaration of heredity. Declaration of transmission of an immoveable by death. Settlement of Succession. General or special Power of Attorney. Power of Attorney or mandate in occurrance of inability. Terminal treatment. Adoption. Tutorship. Curatorship, interdiction for incapables. Change of name. Rectification of registers. Arbitration and accredited mediator in family mediation.


Marriage contract prior or subsequent to the marriage. Agreement of common life. Family Residence. Renunciation. Partition. Breach of marriage convention in uncontested separation as to bed and board or divorce.


Offer to purchase. Promise of sale. Sale. Co-ownership. All servitudes: view, passage, non-construction, drawing water, drainage, etc, boundary, common wall, ditch, fences, etc, clearance.

All types of hypothecs: conventional, legal, judicial, of ship or boat. Opening of credit. Collateral security. Hypothecary suretyship, revolving security. Discharge. Mainlevée.

Arbitration as accredited mediator concerning the provincial program on guarantees concerning new residential properties.

Priority or limitation of hypothec. Extension of payment. Notice of default. Assignment of rentals. Worker's privileges and other privileges, giving in payment.

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